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I am not a BF Goodrich ambassador and I don't get free tyres  OWLL …. I think that's how it goes !  ANO

I bought a set of KO2s 2 years and about 50K miles ago for the L200. Standard size for the L200 which is 245/70/17 and fitted on the standard alloys. I have to use the L200 every day and about 75% loaded. I cover 80% of the mileage on roads and motorways and 20% off road, wet farmland and hard forest tracks.

As an AT tyre BFG has a great reputation and a strong price to match. I paid £180 as they were new release - but I think they maybe getting cheaper.

These are very quiet tyres on the road and at more than the legal speed limit. The KO2s have not gone out of balance once on 50K despite constant deflation, reinflation and abuse.

WEAR: These tyres are now about 60% worn and now have 8-10mm left so in theory I think they would cover another 30K miles legally but the off road capabilities are now quite compromised. Wear has been even across the tread with no sloping of the tread blocks and I have not needed to rotate them as I have had to with more aggressive MTs in the past. No punctures or side wall splits despite quite a lot of work on granite and flint tracks.


Road - In all road conditions the grip has been great with the only weakness being fresh rain on greasy wet roads when there is a definite reduction in braking grip - more than I would get with the old style AT Grabber or similar
Snow - They were brilliant and definitely cleaned well and gripped on all types of snow and ice.
Rocks - @ 20PSI they gripped well and did not chip or cut
Beach Sand - @20PSI nice flat footprint, plenty of grip, cleaned well
Gravel forest trails - Fine but some scrabbling for grip on the looser stuff which may be the traction control being unkind to the tyres ?
MUD - Pretty awful - dry'ish mud is worse as they clogged solid quickly and would not self clean. Had this on almost every occasion. Wet mud not so bad but still not obviously as good as a specialist mud tyre

Would I recommend them ? - YES If like me you do a lot of road miles and spend time on dry tracks and trails like Alps, Pyrenees. If you are thinking of muddy UK Green Lanes then the limitations of this tyre as an AT quickly shows through. I don't think it is the fault of the tyre  - it is just a genuine AT and not an MT. The price is a barrier if you don't have the cash up front but clearly the long life makes the pro-rata per mile price a good value option.


Last week some thieving scroat stole my spare wheel from under the pick up - when parked in Manchester airport official parking  Fuck

Having bought another spare rim ($$$$$$) I asked my local tyre company to find a cheap AT tyre to use as a spare.

The Kumho Road Venture MT51 was half the price of a KO2. It is an aggressive tyre more AT++ than a balls out MT but it seems that half of the LR contingent around my part of Wales has started using them. My enquiry so far has confirmed it is not just as a cheap farmers tyre making it popular but its ability to clean and grip in mud and snow but behave well on the roads. Web reviews are a bit mixed on the older version but the new 2017 release they love them around here. First impressions are it is a noticable heavy construction, looks a bit like a Cooper DISCOVERER STT PRO. It has tough rigid sidewalls so getting bulging at low PSIs maybe a challenge but lets see on testing.

I am off to Corsica this summer and the BFGs are past their sell by date for off road so I am going to try four of the Kumho and take my 2 spares with the KO2s for security.

If anyone has any experience of the new Kumho MT51 let me know it would be helpful. Otherwise I will drop a review here in October after 10K and a trip to the south.
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Re: BF Goodrich KO2 - Review of sorts and the Kumho Road Venture 51
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Good review! Thanks

In the market for some really cheap ATs for summer use so keep me updated on the Kumhos

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