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Lightweight Drawer System
« on: July 07, 2018, 10:03:19 AM »
For the last two years I have building my storage system. It had to be modular so that it can be removed in about 1 hour but, spends 360 days a year in the truck. The reason I say I have been building this for two years is that the Steve-J model of timber frame and plastic boxes is hard to beat.

I have 4x 64l Really Useful Boxes which slide like drawers, are waterproof and flexible. But from time to time I fabricate extra whizzy bits for water carriers, diesel cans, solar panels, spade racks, axe holders (you know the form) but end up just adding weight and creating less flexibility.

I recently took a trip to see Padster at the Overlander café and we did some weighbridge tests with all my gear on board and the L200 was heading into a mid-life heavy zone (a little like myself).
My planned upgrade of plywood drawer system with unobtainium NASA spec ball bearings and capacity to support the weight of a dead moose was another one of those handy modifications in the pipeline that would add at least another 20KGs before I loaded it with more heavy but handy junk.

After a lot of beer and Google (and more beer) I have gone with these drawers. 6mm CNC cut polyprop double side thermal welded. Used by the huntin, shootin, and fishin types.

The benefits are:
•   46KG ! – less than half the weight of the Frontrunner kit
•   Custom built to the L200 so the wood/plastic laminated top of the system completely covers the floor space – no gaps down the sides, no extra "flap kits" and no wasted space below the deck.
•   Drawers I have chosen are full length 1300 x 425mm – no side runners but no-lube integral rails under. Key locks in drawers and cubby sides and the handles take padlocks. Side cubby boxes go all the way back to the wheel arches.
•   The bespoke unit is rigid tight into the tray back and can be bolted straight to the load liner so no holes through the pick -up bed.
•   Easy to remove in three pieces in what would be the magic 1 hour.
•   Waterproof, can be power washed, can be drilled for tie down eyes, rails, electrical sockets, switches etc..

This not a cheap option but is comparative in price to systems such as Direct 4x4, Ironman and cheaper than Frontrunner.

The compromise is that the drawers are not self-supporting when fully extended but use the pick up tailgate so it would not work so well for other types of vehicle bodies.

I will put a review up in about 6 months after a season of camping and let you know if this is a viable option for overlanders and hopefully not expensive Tupperware !
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Re: Lightweight Drawer System
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 03:28:08 PM »
They look great! Shame about them not being self supporting at full extension though

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