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110 TDCI Americas bound

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Our aim hopefully is to head for the Americas where and for how long is as of yet not set.
Having a preference for non electronic engines we have ended up with a TDCI (but thats a different story).
The only mods so far are snorkel, steering protector & extra fuel tank (Front runner 45ltr in rear wing). Based on our Africa trip thats not enough fuel, so extra capacity will need to be found, probably a bigger main tank.
In Africa we had 130Ltr + 2 Jerry cans, came out of Kgalagadi park (Botswana) to find the only fuel station for 100miles was out of fuel, fortunately just made it.
The next month or so will see the addition of some sleeping acommodation, lots of different reasons/ideas on that subject but will give you ours when we commit.
We hope to have a good proportion of the work done in the next 12 months if the money lasts.

Looks a really nice shiny truck, just missing some nice white UK-OL Stickers  agree

Some big plans there looking forward to the process! :)

Just a little more about my previous experiences which will influence our choices on this build.

Our last big trip (2008) took 9 months to drive from Cape Town to near Sheffield. We lived mostly in the roof tent on our Defender. In the years prior to Africa we did a few test trips round Europe.
The priorities for this build (not necessarily they order we fit) are water, fuel & fitting our original Nat Luna fridge. The fridge is a priority because the wife is a Type 1 Diabetic and we need to store Insulin. The fridge did all we needed of it including in 40+ degs in Sudan.
We returned from Africa via the now impossible Syria land route, which ended up with us camping in Romania in late November.

You may have noticed that our Defender in Africa had a white door, a late change to improve weather proofing & security. I have a mind to cover the passenger door on the new wagon with white vinyl to keep the look, what do you think?

Sleeping arrangement.

In general there are 3 basic forms of sleeping setup, ground, inside and on the roof, with various hybrids in between. Having used a roof tent for many months we quite like them but this time we were looking for something easier to setup i.e. avoid climbing on the roof each time. Due to budget I expected to end up with a roof tent again.
Looked at Maggiolina and liked the tent and its workings but from experience we know on a long trip you will have lots of issues in poor weather when getting in & out and there awning didn't really cut it. Getting to see one and info on them wasn't easy either. 
I wont bore you at the moment with all our whys and wherefores but we have blown what was originally our entire conversion budget on a Alu Cab Icarus roof.

This does now make our Mantec rear Stowage Shelves redundant so we are open to offers (fitted but not used in anger).


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