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Discovery 2 Facelift 2003 camping build

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Well guys i know i haven't really posted much since i joined the forum a few months ago but i thought id start this thread for my slow project of kitting out my disco in the hope it may be of use to others ( but more so the kind experienced members of this forum can give me some input or CONSTRUCTIVE critisism ;) )

So here goes i have a 2003 discovery 2 TD5 that is pretty much bog standard. apart from some chunky-ish tyres. My aim is to kit the disco out so me, the missus, child and the dog can go on regular camping trips mostly short ones in the uk with the hope of exploring further afield in time. the car is driven every day by my other half to drop my son at school and go to work and back (i use the van) so it has to remain "usable" and family friendly.

My first tasks are to make a set of storage draws in the boot that can be removed if needed but also can still store quite a bit of stuff on top (if i cant be bothered to remove them after a camping trip) fit two 110ah leisure batteries in the boot, split charge system, 240v Ctek charger for when i can hook up at a campsite and also various 12v sockets and chargers im thinking 1 in the front one for the rear and one for the boot.

other jobs on  my very very long to do list are fit the rear chequer plate door card and make it into a drop down table for cooking ect, find a water storage tank of suitable size (not too big) and also find a nice place to mount it so its not in the way, maybe do some research into looking at getting a warm water supply somehow, make/buy/fit a gas bottle holder probably in the boot for the cooker ect, and for the very expensive bits roof tent, hawkwing awning, roof rack and maybe a light bar or two.

As i said before at the moment im not going for the all out go anywhere expedition vehicle more of a family camping vehicle that we can just jump in and get away for the weekend without much planning and maybe go down the odd trial looking for an overnight wild camping spot. ive had the disco on a couple of pay and play days and was completely amazed at how capable they are off road as standard so im not overly bothered about getting lift kits and all the rest of it just yet.

Ill be honest currently i am REALLY busy with work and family life ect ect so i will try my best to keep the thread up to date and ill try post as many pictures as i can. in the mean time if you guys have any pointers or if anybody has done anything similar i would really appreciate your input.

o and did i forget to mention this has to be done on the CHEAP lol  ::)


Sounds like a plan.

Storage drawers is not always the best option and something i avoided. I used special euro boxes from Plastor that have rails built in them at the bottom, they still slide like drawers but can be removed packed up easily. With drawers you have to take everything out bit by bit.

CTEK is a damn good choice, cant fault mine at all, especially as it has solar panel inputs too.

Dont go mad on a lift kit, you need a slight lift but most important stronger springs to handle the extra weight and stop a lot of roll into corners when u have a roof tent up top

Rod and charles did a cracking job with their 2 discos, you can see them in one of the build threads

The old adage of " it once, do it right..." is all well and good but everybody has different needs and most of these only become clear once you've done a few trips. A permanent or semi-permanent drawer system could be worthwhile but for the moment I think Stevie-J is right about using Plastor or similar boxes. Light, flexible, easy to re-arrange as required and the best way to store all the kit while you work out how and where you'll fit water and fuel containers, batteries etc.

The only "off-road" modifications that might be worthwhile at this stage are steering and diff guards, which are reasonably cheap and will save a world of expensive pain if you hit a rock.

Two adults, child and dog plus camping kit might mean a roof rack will eventually be needed although bars would be cheaper and do for a roof tent or a basket to take an Oztent. Again, particularly if you already have a lighter tent that will fit in the back, best to do a couple of trips and work out your actual needs.

Another vote here for CTEK kit: not the cheapest but well made and reliable.

My TOP TIP would be to get the Discovery on a weighbridge once you're loaded up and fully fueled for your first trip then again as you gradually collect and fit more kit. Handbook should give maximum load per axle and weighbridge readings will let you know when - if at all - it's time to think about stronger springs.

I really enjoyed driving my D2 on and off-road so best of luck with yours.

Thanks for the replies guys.

i here what your saying about the storage set up we have been on quite a few camping trips in last couple of years just not with the disco so i might get all the gear out that we normally take and weigh up the best way of storing it all nice and neat. we have a huge family tent but im going to invest in a smallish 3man tent for the short get aways because the one we have just takes far too long to set up any less than 5nights camping in one spot and its not worth getting it out.

As for the springs i may just take the plunge after the new year and get maybe a 2inch lift kit with heavy duty springs. i didnt really want to spend the money on that mod yet but i suppose it makes sense to get the uprated springs with the extra weight and if im uprating the springs i might aswell get the lifted ones and a set of shocks while im at it.

ive already made a battery box for the boot and half way through building a shelf above it where the passenger side dickie seat goes (im under strict orders to leave the other seat in) i will take some pictures over the weekend and show you where im up to.

Solar power is also a big one on the to do list but i dont think the funds would allow that atm and also i want to get out next year and start using the leisure batteries while camping to work out what sort of drain im putting on the bateries each day/night i really like the idea of being able to park up anywhere and not have to start the car to keep the batteries topped up but id hate to invest in a solar system that cant keep up!

Well ive been out in the cold this afternoon doing a couple of jobs on the disco i came in to post some pictures etc but every time i try and post a picture it says the file is too large. i am shockingly poor when it comes to computers but any help would be appreciated im on a chrome book btw so what i do is go onto google drive on my phone and upload the photos from there onto google drive then open up the laptop download the pics from google drive to the chromebook and try post them on here but apparently there too big  :-\ 


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