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Isuzu DMax UTAH 2015

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Hi all UK-OLers!

w00t w00t w00t

Finally at a stage where i suppose i can start my own build thread!

Currently running an Isuzu DMax UTAH DC with ARB rear canopy with an AEROKLAS rear load liner.

So a little info on what directs my decisions would help! My vehicle has to be multi purpose as I need it for work, home life and hobbies/outings  ;D

With that in mind 90% of the kit i place on/items i purchase/build must be removable so the truck can effectively adapt between roles.

already fitted

The first thing i did was sound proof the DMAX the road noise sat at 65 MPH and above on cruise control is ridiculous in anything other than slick tyres! I got in touch with the guys @ SilentCoat UK and they sorted me out (pics below) what a difference not only to long distance motorway plodding but to the sound quality of the stereo!

Roof tent- I had originally decided to purchase a Gordigear tent as they have an office in Germany where i live, but, after discovering UKOL and talking to Dara King (who offered me ALOT of help and advice before i even thought about buying his products) I decided to go with Tuff-Trek. I currently have a TT02 and have had 2 successful trips in it so far! One to the east side of Loch Lomond on the WHW and one to a music festival in Frankfurt, each weather situation was as extreme as the next. Slanted, cold Scottish rain, to blistering heat and let me tell you! What a piece of kit. Nothing has breach the tent from water to midgey to sand or mosquito. Whats better is (ive never had this before) the ability to affect the airflow in the tent with the zippy windows etc. Being used to normal little 2 man lightweight tents this is AWESOME! The right temperature everytime!

Storage - I can currently get all sizes of a similar style of box as the Wolf Box! Not only are they free but the supply (currently) is limitless through work! So its a win win for me. I currently have a marked set up of his, hers, cooking, camping, food and other items. Once loaded all ratchet strapped to the fitted anchor points on the truck bed. Win Win! Im still playing with the loading etc, that will come in time. I have 40L water storage cap with 2 x military style jerry cans.

Living - currently running gas/bbq set up with a look to scrapping the bbq for the most part in favor for a Frontier Stove for those colder nights! The Campingaz double hob works amazingly for large meals and for a quick brew up we have a campingaz cartridge style burner for the kettle etc. With the drop down room under the TT02 theres ample space for rainy days! Currently trying out toilet/shower ideas to see what suits. I have no need of heavy electrical items just yet so running a RAVPower solar panel with a PowerMonkey monitor which has 3 USB attachments for phones/gps/cameras etc. It has everything i need at the minute, i also have a 240v inverter as a back up.

Future items

Ill change this list as i get on with the build but current stuff we are looking at is;

2m TT awning with extension.
Toying with the design of a removable leisure battery for lights etc housed in a type of tool box with a fixed charging point hard wired to the truck bed.
Fabrication of a rear carry basket to fit the ARB canopy to hold bulky items to a max load of 75kg, with space for an antenna fitting and light mounts.
Front light bar(s)
Rear working light(s)
Front and rear bumper upgrades - still a long way off!

All of this on top of the usual kit+small purchases that everyone usually makes!

Nice looking truck the D-max and you seem to have everything planned for the continued build (you will change it at least twice on the way lol)

Nice start :)

My best advice is keep an eye on the weight, I am starting the pain stakeing process of loosening as much weight as possible in the Hilux

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Davey Boy:
I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. ;)

Thabks guy! My little details change on a weekly basis hahaa

And the weight thing is noted! Luckily i havent been stuck yet but i guess thats a matter of time!



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