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Dc to DC chargers

Jun 032019

Rings Latest offering to the charger market the RSCDC30 30A DC to DC charger with MPPT Solar Contoller

Link To Website


The DC-DC Smart Charger is able to take power from the main vehicle battery or solar panel, then provide a multi-stage output to quickly and fully charge an auxiliary battery. As an alternative to split charge relay systems it can provide a faster, more intelligent charging solution. Programmable for most battery types, it has a three stage smart charge output for optimal battery performance. Compensates for high voltage or a drop in voltage to maximise charge to auxiliary battery. To protect main battery, it features low battery shut off and sleep mode to reduce battery strain. Solar panel input with MPPT feature for charging at rest. Includes temperature compensation. Applications include utility vehicles, vans, motorhomes, caravans and boats.

Converts power from a vehicle's main battery into multistage output for charging an aux battery

Maximises charge into the auxiliary battery
Programmable for most battery types
Low battery shut off to protect main battery
Sleep mode to reduce battery strain
LCD screen for clear readings
Temperature compensation for more accurate results
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
87 x 203 x 236

Weight (kg) 1.934
Voltage 12V DC Input 14.8V DC Output

Input voltage - PV 10V - 50V
Input voltage - DC 12.6V - 50V

Output voltage 14.8V


 Sterling Power Products Dc to DC Charger 30A or 60A versions

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Sterling Power

Voltage - 12V to 12V

Amps in - 30

Input Voltage - 12

Output Voltage - 12


Length (mm) - 190

Width (mm) - 160

Depth (mm) - 70

Weight (kg) - 1.2


2 Years


Ctek 250DSA Dc to DC Charger

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Powerful on board, on the move charging

Enjoy more and relax

With award winning Swedish technology, the dual input D250SA allows you to enjoy your vehicle more with maximized battery capacity as the ideal charger for vehicles without access to a mains power supply.

The D250SA is a fully automatic, 5 step charger that supplies up to 20A of power to any 12V lead acid service battery from 40-300Ah, including Wet, EFB, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and Gel. It has selectable charge voltages for AGM batteries and can use power through its dual input from alternator, solar panel and wind power. When the service battery is fully charged, the D250SA will automatically redirect maintenance charge power to the starter battery. The D250SA can maintain a stable output up to 20A to vehicles fitted with smart ECU controlled alternators and also has a temperature sensor for optimised charging, regardless of weather conditions.

20A fully automatic temperature compensated charging for batteries from 40-300Ah while you’re on the move
Dual input (solar and alternator in parallel)
Smart alternator compatible
Battery separation replacing diodes and VSR relays
Solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Selectable AGM option – 14.4V or 14.7V
Maximised charging for better battery life and performance
Temperature sensor to compensate for hot or cold conditions
Splash and dust proof (IP65)
Compatible with SMARTPASS 120 for the ultimate 140A power management solution
2-year warranty


National Luna NLDC-25

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The NLDC-25 from National Luna is a DC to DC battery charger and isolator for a dual-battery system.

It will charge an auxiliary or service battery from a vehicle alternator or Solar panel up to 25A output current.

Traditional 12V and 24V vehicle alternators as well as variable voltage alternators are supported.

The integrated MPPT solar regulator provides a maximum output power of 375W but can support solar panels higher than this.

Solar panel voltages up to 42V can be connected.

The NLDC-25 features a 6-stage charge algorithm that is suitable for any Lead-Acid battery type as well as automotive Lithium-Ion batteries.

3 safety stages analyse the battery and can detect batteries that are damaged and unable to accept charge.

Temperature compensation is used to optimise the output voltage, ensuring safe and full battery charging under various conditions.

The NLDC-25 supports the connection of a remote monitor that displays information about the system and battery levels to the user on a high-contrast LCD screen.

The NLDC-25 has a IP67 rating for harsh environments and is protected against reverse-polarity, over-voltage, over-temperature and over-current conditions.

Features :

True 25A output current
6-stage intelligent charge algorithm
12V and 24V input
Smart-alternator compatible
25A, 375W MPPT solar regulator
Supports solar panels up to 42V
AGM, Gel, Wet, Calcium, Lithium Ion batteries supported
Battery temperature compensation for safe charging
Sealed to IP67 rating (waterproof)
Replaceable terminal block
Short-circuit protected
Reverse-polarity protected
Over-voltage protected
Over-temperature protected
Optional remote monitor

Just Announced - Garmins New Overland Navigator

May 182019

Garmins New Overlander Navigation device, Due out later in 2019

See website for details Garmin Website



Physical dimensions 7.84" W x 4.79" H x 0.93" D (19.9 x 12.2 x 2.4 cm)
Display size 6.0" W x 3.5" H (15.2 x 8.9 cm); 6.95" (17.7 cm)
Display resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
Display type multi-touch, glass, WSVGA color TFT with white backlight
15.4 oz (437 g)

Battery rechargeable lithium-ion

Battery life up to 3 hours

Drop rating MIL-STD-810
Dust rating IP5X
Magnetic Mount
AMPS plate RAM ball adapter

Maps & Memory
Preloaded street maps
3D Terrain
Downloadable satellite imagery Yes (U.S. only)
Downloadable USGS Quad Sheets
Includes map updates
Internal storage 64 GB
Data cards microSD™ card (not included)

Barometric altimeter

Outdoor Recreation Features
Preloaded topographical maps
Camera Features
Backup camera compatible yes (BC™ 35)

Navigation Features
Garmin Real Directions™ landmark guidance
Millions of Foursquare® points of interest
TripAdvisor® ratings for points of interest
Route shaping through preferred cities/streets
Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands)
Includes traffic no (optional traffic cable accessory)
Lane assist with junction view (displays junction signs)
Bluetooth® calling
Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe)
Driver alerts for sharp curves, school zones, red light and speed camera warnings and more

Advanced Features
Wi-Fi® map and software updates

RV Features
Specialized RV routing
RV Parks & Services directory
Road elevations
Speed limit changes
State border notices - RV
Sunrise/sunset times - RV
Mile marker info - RV

Overlanding Features
Pair with compatible inReach® devices
Track recorder (breadcrumbs)
Compatible with Garmin Explore™ for waypoints, tracks, route and activities
iOverlander™ points of interest
Ultimate Public Campgrounds
Pitch and Roll gauges

NEW - Midland M5 CB Radio

May 062019

Following on from Cobra & CRT Midland have released a hidden base unit one hand mic controlled CB radio. This promises to be another fantastic unit as with all Midland radios.

Available from Knights CB radio Price around £115.00

Link to Knights Website



New "one-hander" from Midland, easy to hide away with all the controls in the mic.

Multistandard to cover all EU countries, the radio will work on FM on the UK and and both AM & FM on the EU band.

The radio has dual speakers - one in the radio and another in the mic, with the option to turn the one off in the mic if not required.

Another unusual feature is the speaker/mic socket on the side of the mic. This allows you to connect an external earpiece or headset to the mic. This is standard Kenwood wiring.


Midland innovates communication with the M-5, “CB in the mike” to always have everything in your hands. The controls are placed on the mike, which also has an LCD display to see channels, bands and settings. The extremely small size of the CB and the die-cast metal structure make the M-5 virtually indestructible. The USB plug on the front of the device allows to easily charge any electrical device, as well as cell phones or tablets.

• Band: Multi-Standards (8)
• 40 Channels AM/FM
• Output Power: 4 Watt AM/FM
• Die-Cast metal body
• Controls on the mike
• Selectable Multi-Colour Backlight (7 colours)
• Manual Squelch 28 levels
• Digital Squelch at 5 levels
• RF-Gain
• Scan Function
• Indication S-meter RX-TX
• Sliding and/or Tilting Fastening Bracket
• Lighter Power Supply
• USB Socket for Charging Electrical Devices
• 2-Ppin Kenwood Socket (for Microphone)

1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of Microphone with UP/DOWN
1 Set of Mounting Screws
1 Pc of Mounting Bracket
1 Pc of Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Socket
1 Pc of User Manual in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Romanian

Midland PMR446 Vehicle Radio

May 062019

Finally a PMR Radio perfect for the 4x4 vehicle, Better than a handheld giving the CB radio feel in one tiny compact unit. Introducing the Midland GB1 PMR 446 radio.

A PMR446 radio for use either in a vehicle or as a base station.

The radio has a magnetic mount antenna which is permanently connected to the radio.

Supplied with a cig lighter power lead to power the radio.

Ideal for use either car to car or in conjunction with PMR446 handhelds.

An optional PC lead & software allows the radio to have expanded frequencies & higher output power, for use where licence conditions permit (programmable from 440-451MHz).


Link to Buy the Radio from Knights  Price around £125.00



Technical specifications

Frequency range: 446.00625- 446.09375 MHz (PMR446)
Working temperature: -20°/+55° C
Operating voltage: 12Vdc ± 10%
Operate mode: Simplex
Dimensions: 100x85x22mm
Weight: 220g
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Duty cycle: 5/5/90%

Frequency stability: ±2.5PPM
Output power: ≤500mW ERP
Max frequency deviation: ≤2,5KHz
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Adjacent channel power: < 60 dB
Spurious radiation: Within European legal terms
Occupied bandwidth: Within European legal terms

RF sensibility: <0.5μV@20 dB SINAD
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Audio response: 300Hz ÷ 3KHz
Adjacent channel selectivity: Within European legal terms
Intermodulation rejection: Within European legal terms
Spurious response: Within European legal terms
Blocking: Within European legal terms

Showering On The Road

May 062019

As we all know one of the battles of off-road adventure driving is hygiene. After hours of driving in a hot vehicle and erecting tents and awnings there is nothing better than a nice shower to wash away the days grime. 
Below are a few options which suit the job perfect, from simple systems such as the boundaryTec shower Coil which needs nothing more than a campfire or a gas stove to warm the water to the more complex permanent installed Bushranger heat exchanger style. All these units do the job perfectly, its just down to you to decide which fits you best. Either way you can be assured of a nice fresh shower camp side.

Links are provided to the manufacturers websites




Link to Waterport Website


The 3.8L Day Tank pressurized Shower


The Day Tank™ takes the hassle out of manually pressurizing water by conveniently absorbing the water pressure from your house. Simply plug your garden hose into the tank’s quick connect and your Day Tank™ will automatically pressurize as it fills.

Need both hands to clean your camping dishes? We thought you might. The Day Tank™ comes with a nozzle holder and trigger lock to provide you with hands free running water. Blast your gear clean with ease and keep your equipment looking like new.

The Day Tank™ has 3 available mounting options: hitch mount, bar mount, and bed rail mount. These mounting options allow you to mount to virtually anything you can think of: roof baskets, trailer hitches, ATV bars, RV ladders, boat railings, truck beds, roll bars, airboats, bike mounts…the list goes on!

Our multi pattern nozzle turns your pressurized water into a swiss army knife. Use the mist spray for hot days on the boat, jet rinse to spray the mud from your tires, shower setting for getting the salt off you skin, or center spray for cleaning dishes on the go. Life is full of messy situations, we have you covered.








Link to Roadshower Website


The Solar Shower of the Future is Here!

Imagine enjoying the comfort of 4, 7 or 10 gallons of glorious hot pressurized water on your motorized travels. Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack. With the Road Shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go without the hassle of propane, pumps, or long set up times. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses: from the camp hose for dishes, a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, a gentle spray for the pets, or for extra drinking water. It can be filled and pressurized by simply attaching and filling with your garden hose. Or you can fill it with water from a jug or hose and pump it up with a compressor or bike pump.
Model Comparison Chart ------- Road Shower 4 - 7 gallons ------Road Shower 4S - 4 gallons -------Road Shower 4L - 10 gallons.







Link to BoundaryTEC Website

Portable Water Heater and Camping Shower

The ShowerCoil water heating system delivers temperature-controlled hot water ready in minutes so you'll never need to go without a hot shower!

Simply fill and hang up one bag with water, interconnect and apply heat to the coil with either a camp fire or stove.

SureTEMP™ Thermostatic Temperature Control gives you control and flexibility, allowing you to preset the temperature you need. In 10-15 minutes you'll be ready to shower with 4 gallons of hot water at just the right temperature.

One filled shower runs for 8-9 minutes at full flow and can last up to four showers when water is conserved by using the integral flow control valve on the shower head attachment.

The system stows away compactly and weighs less than two pounds. No batteries or pumps needed; just add water and heat. Gravity does the rest.

Efficient, simple and lightweight, the ShowerCoil system provides a hot shower just about anywhere!

Updated 1530A System includes 15L Universal Bags, lined with BPA-Free food-grade polyurethane. The large capacity bags may alternately be used to dispense drinking water* for larger groups or base camping. Also ideal for use as a large capacity reservoir* for third party inline gravity water filters.

(*1690 Hydration Kit required)


Accurate Thermostatically controls water temperature for comfort and convenience - Adjustable from 85°F to 115°F.

Fast Heats 4 gallons (15 L) of water in 10 - 15 minutes.

Lightweight Complete system weighs less than 2 pounds.

Versatile Operates with either a camp fire or a stove.

Simple & Dependable No batteries or pumps needed. Just add water and heat. Gravity does the rest.






Kampa Geyser Gas fired Pumped Shower

Link to Kampa Website

Enjoy the pleasure of instant continuous hot water on tap - anywhere! Ideal for camping, caravanning, expeditions, outdoor sports, outdoor catering, dog shows, equine wash, beach huts etc.

Enjoy a refreshing shower - even on remote campsites without a shower block. The Kampa Geyser includes a shower head with 2.5 metres of hose.

The adjustable water temperature heats up to 25 degrees centigrade above the water inlet temperature - for higher temperatures the heated water can be re-circulated into the system.

Gas powered, the Geyser works from most popular butane/propane/campingaz cyclinders with the appropriate regulator (as the regulator required is specific to your preferred gas bottle and size, the regulator is not included)

The Geyser comes complete with a strong carry case with carrying handles for easy storage and transport.

Weight: 4kg
Size: 310 x 245 x 300mm
Pump hose length: 1.5 metres
Shower hose length: 2.5 metres
12v DC lead length: 5 metres
Heat Input: 5kw
Heats to 25 degrees above inlet temperature
Automatic ignition

Please note: This item is for OUTDOOR USE only and should not be used inside a tent or awning.







Vehicle Installed pumped Heat Exchanger Shower

Link To Bushranger Website


The Bushranger® Vehicle Mounted Hot Water Shower is an essential product for any adventure, use as a shower, to wash dishes or filling your reservoir. Mounted inside your engine bay, there are no bulky parts to carry and no complex set-ups to go through. Simply plug two quick connect hoses, drop one in some water and hook the shower head up above your head and you’re ready for the hot flowing water.

The hot water shower is self-priming and features a fully serviceable quiet marine grade pump, easy-to-fit plumbing, and wiring kit, and 100% copper heat exchanger with a bleed point. Comes complete with universal mounting brackets.

Volume: 12L per Minute

Dimensions (pump): 160mm x 160mm x 200mm

Dimensions (heat exchanger): 120mm x 80mm x 340mm

Weight: 5.4kg

Warranty: 1 year

Note: Heater hose is not included in this kit.



Quechua Camping Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Pressure 8 Litres 

Link To Website

Designed for Campers and hikers who want to take a shower outdoors.
Thanks to a pump system to put the water under pressure, you don't need to hang your solar shower. Enjoy a real shower like at home.

No need to hang the shower: the water is under pressure.
8 litres
Stop/start button on the shower head to prevent waste.
Compact, easy folding for storage in a cover (included)
Weight: 900 g. Stable with a rigid bottom.
Temperature indicator from 30 to 40°C

44 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm

30.00% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), 70.00% Polyester (PES)
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
100.00% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
100.00% Polyamide




Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Link to Website

Provides a 5-7 minute steady shower
Tough PU-coated polyester reservoir stands up to lots of camping abuse but remains lightweight
Seven-foot neoprene hose includes a spray nozzle for proper cleaning and rinsing
Foot pump maintains the pressure while you shower without needing a place to hang it from (like gravity-feed showers)
Inflatable design stands 16-inches tall, but packs down to a 5.5in x 8.5in package so you can easily store it in your expedition pack or car's trunk
Quick-connect valves makes setting up and packing up easy


Travel Buddy Oven

May 052019

The Fantastic Australian Travel buddy is now available from Fourby Priced @ £269.99 - Used by UKOL members and also frequently used by the Australian 4wd action magazine crew 

Link to Site 


Product Description
Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.
Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas, hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.


- Heat a meal on the move
- Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
- 12 Volt DC 10 Amp
- Insulated stainless steel
- Manufactured and designed in Australia
- 190 degrees celcius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm

- Insulated Steel Body
- 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
- Fitted with 2 hour timer
- Free standing or mounted

Ideal for:
- 4x4 Activities
- Camping
- Tradespeople
- Transport
- Caravans
- Boats
- Touring
- Farmers, etc

Please Note: As this unit draws 10 amps, we have found that the female plugs in a number of vehicles are different sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug. For best results, this unit needs to be hard wired.

10A is a serious power draw, we suggest a large battery bank if you intend to use this oven while stationary and while not getting charge from the vehicle engine.


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