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Ridgemonkey SQ DLX Plate Sets

Aug 042019




SQ DLX Plate Sets
RRP £14.99 - £17.99 (inc VAT)

Super robust BPA-free melamine
Squared shape for easy storage
Inner lip helps to prevent spills
Dishwasher safe
Note: not suitable for microwave use

Knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon
Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel
Comfortable polypropylene handles
Dishwasher safe
Neoprene pouch included

35cm x 25cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Machine washable

The RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Sets have been designed to withstand life in the great outdoors – constructed from hard-wearing melamine, the plates are easy to clean, store and carry for outdoor pursuits such as fishing, camping, hiking or even in the garden. Each SQ DLX Plate Set comes with appropriate cutlery & handtowel and is designed to fit perfectly into the corresponding GorillaBox Case.

SQ DLX Long Plate Set
Approximate dimensions: 270mm x 160mm

SQ DLX Standard Plate Set
Approximate dimensions: 215mm x 210mm

SQ DLX Large Plate Set
Approximate dimensions: 260mm x 240mm

Available from all good Angling shops or online



Ridgemonkey Sandwich Toaster

Aug 042019






Connect Compact (Hard Carry case not included)
Sandwich Toaster
RRP £22.99 - £29.99 (inc VAT)

Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans
Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
Cool touch removable handles with magnetic lock
Unique detachable hinge design
Sleek GunMetal Grey finish
Can be used on all traditional stoves (not suitable for induction hobs)
Full utensil set and neoprene case included

The best just got even better!! Featuring a unique detachable hinge system that allows the pans to be used independently if required, one-touch removable handles and a fluoropolymer non-stick coating that is second to none, the new RidgeMonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toasters raise the cookware bar once again!! Perfect for preparing a variety of snacks from a humble toastie right the way through to a full meal and everything in between, a choice of two sizes is available in RidgeMonkey’s sleek GunMetal Grey finish.

Protected registered design
Available in standard and XL sizes.
Approximate Dimensions:
Standard 180mm (295mm with handle) x 155mm x 40mm
XL 235mm (350mm with handle) x 205mm x 40mm

Available from all good Angling Shops or Online



Travel Buddy Oven

May 052019

The Fantastic Australian Travel buddy is now available from Fourby Priced @ £269.99 - Used by UKOL members and also frequently used by the Australian 4wd action magazine crew 

Link to Site 


Product Description
Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.
Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas, hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.


- Heat a meal on the move
- Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
- 12 Volt DC 10 Amp
- Insulated stainless steel
- Manufactured and designed in Australia
- 190 degrees celcius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm

- Insulated Steel Body
- 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
- Fitted with 2 hour timer
- Free standing or mounted

Ideal for:
- 4x4 Activities
- Camping
- Tradespeople
- Transport
- Caravans
- Boats
- Touring
- Farmers, etc

Please Note: As this unit draws 10 amps, we have found that the female plugs in a number of vehicles are different sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug. For best results, this unit needs to be hard wired.

10A is a serious power draw, we suggest a large battery bank if you intend to use this oven while stationary and while not getting charge from the vehicle engine.

Highlander Blade Fastboil MK2

May 052019

Another strong contender for the Jetboil The Highlander Blade Fastboil MK2

Available from Outdoor Gear for £49.99 - Link To site




With an improved pot design and two pot sleeves, this Highlander Blade 1.1 Litre Fast Boil MKII Stove with Heat Transmitter is sure to be even more popular than its predecessor!

The mark one version was really popular here at Outdoorgear, and just like its counterpart, this is a fantastic lightweight stove that has an incredibly efficient lock into place heat exchange and lightweight cup, which has had an improved design so all contents fit snugly into the main body to restrict movement and noise, making this stove system extremely efficient on gas usage ideal for your next solo backpacking expedition!

If you are a keen lightweight backpacker or even if you are just planning your first soloist adventure then it is worth looking at this Blade Cooking System as it offers an excellent value for money solution for being able to quickly and easily boil water for your much needed cuppa or for rehydrating your expedition meal!

The cup size on the Blade Stove has a capacity of 1.1Litres and has 300, 600 and 900ml scales marked on the inside so that you can easily measure and boil the correct amount of water that you need! The hard anodised cup makes it much more durable than traditional aluminium construction while keeping it ultra-lightweight too.

The two body sleeves will keep the contents of the cup warm or cold by providing an extra protective barrier and the silicone fold away butterfly handles are sturdy and make lifting the cup nice and easy.

The Blade Fast Boil Stove is quick and easy to set up, simply lock the heat exchange into place with one twist, screw the gas canister (not included) into place and then press the self-igniter and there you have a powerful, compact and sturdy stove! There is also an adjustable control valve to control the level of heat making this a fantastic value backpacking stove ideal for your next trek!

Fits standard screw valve gas cartridges (e.g. c250). Please be advised that the gas is not included!

Capacity: 1.1 Litre
Firm closing soft TPE material lid with vent/strainer holes and drink through hole
Hard anodised aluminium construction which all contents fit inside
300, 600 and 900ml scale marks
Durable lightweight food grade construction
Butterfly design silicone covered handles
2 x stay warm/cool body sleeves included (one black and one camo)
Heat transmitter for increased heat efficiency
Adjustable control valve
Locking into place burner unit
One press piezo igniter
Able to store a Highlander 100g cartridge (not included)
Stabiliser included to create a stable cooking platform
Drawstring carry bag included
Size: 16 x 12 x 12cm
Weight: 550g (approx.)
Highlander Blade Fastboil MK II Stove

Alpkit Brukit - Stove

Apr 212019

We are all familiar with the fantastic Jetboil mini stove and its world reliability. Say hello to the challenger the Alpkit Brukit, sporting all the features of the Jetboil at a fraction of the cost..


Available for £45.00 from Alpkit


Ditch the flask of stewed tea and make a fresh brew on the trail. Or go further with hot soup or nutritious one-pot wonder. When you’ve got a checkpoint to make, painstakingly assembling your cooking system isn’t always an option.

Brukit was built on the basis that sometimes you just really need to boil water or make food quickly. It’s efficient, fast, and simple.

An integrated system for fast boil times. A built-in heat exchanger and windshield minimises heat loss so your fuel goes that bit further.

All the Brukit’s bits can be stored inside its own pot, including a 100 g canister, so you have minimal components to juggle. The built-in Piezo ignitor makes lighting the Brukit faff-free; detachable rubberized handles and a neoprene cosy can be left on during cooking for easy handling. The included pan support makes the Brukit compatible with other pans too. Gas canister not included.

Heat it and eat it: it’s that simple!



Key features

1500 W integrated cooking system, ideal for boiling water and making dehydrated meals
Pan support for compatibility with other pans
Neoprene cosy keeps food warmer for longer
Easy to adjust gas control knob, even with gloved hands
Built in windshield and heat exchanger
Sealable silicone lid
Detachable stainless steel handles with rubber sleeves
Integrated Piezo ignition for hassle-free lighting
Interior volume indicators make measuring out quantities easier
Self-contained: the burner and a gas canister can fit inside
Fast and efficient boil time, great for melting snow at winter
Comes with a nylon storage bag
Compatibility: 100g/230g/450g Butane/Propane gas canisters conforming to EN417 standard. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other gas container types
3 Year Alpine Bond


Gas category: Butane under vapour pressure
Jet size: 0.22 mm
Power: 1500 W
Lindal valve
Pot construction: Aluminium

Compatibility: 100 g/230 g/450 g Butane/Propane gas canisters with a Lindal B188 screw valve conforming to EN417 standard. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other types of gas container.
CE certified

Recommended: 1000 ml
Actual volume: 1200 ml

Packed: ⌀13 x 17.2 cm
Assembled: ⌀12 x 34 cm
Cooking pot (external): ⌀12.2 x 17cm
Cooking pot (internal): ⌀11.5 x 14 cm
Lid: ⌀13 x 0.9 cm
Burner: ⌀11.5 x 7.5 cm
Handles: 2.5 x 11 cm

Total: 559 g
Cooking pot: 192 g
Lid: 34 g
Burner: 186 g
Neoprene cosy: 27 g
Handles: 26 g
Canister stand: 31 g
Pan support: 63 g


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