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Water Filters & Cleaning

Aug 052019

People often ask what I run in my on board water system. So here it is below. This is for the normal system used for cooking and boiling for brews etc. For water I want to drink I decant it into my Lifesaver Jerry can.


First is a 10" water filter housing with a pleated 0.5 micron sediment filter fitted, this removes particles and free floating debris etc.



Second I use a Whale Silverised carbon inline filter to remove smells and taste. This can be left in situ and changed once per season. This removes chlorine and smells from the system.


Silverised carbon filter designed to remove unpleasant tastes and smells from your water supply.

Simple to install and maintenance free.

Removes unpleasant tastes and smells from water from in board tanks
Simple installation using clips supplied
Maintenance-free design
Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
Suitable for use with Whale Quick Connect/ flexible pipework
Lasts one full season or 4500 litres
Installed in the freshwater plumbing pipework - usually under the sink
Sesign for 12mm pipe fittings


The Water Tank is a 30 litre Axxis Products clear tank and about the cheapest large opening tank I could find.



The pumping is done via a Surflow on demand pump



The water is then delivered to the back of the truck to a Bullfinch water outlet & trigger shower head 



Cleaning is done frequently using Puriclean and lots of fresh water, So far this system has never let me down


All water tanks, pipes and taps become contaminated with dirt, stains, bacteria and algae. Puriclean provides a simple, effective method of cleaning and purifying the water system on caravans, motorhomes and boats.

Puriclean is non-toxic and non-caustic and has no taste or smell and does not foam or harm any components in your water system.

To use fill your water tank with a Puriclean solution and run through your pipes. Leave to soak for up to 12 hours and then drain and rinse the system. Your water system will then be clean and ready to be fuilled with fresh water.

Periodic use will ensure a clean healthy system for water storage.

100g Cleans tanks up to 90 litres
400g Cleans tanks up to 270 litres
4 kg Cleans tanks up to 2500 litres
Puriclean can also be used to remove stains and clean many domestic items such as glassware, plastic tableware, tea and coffee pots, china, cutlery, stainless steel and vacumm flasks.


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