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Forum Closure - March 2020

Feb 042019

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post after 6 years of the UK-OL forum being online.

After much thought and deliberation we have decided to close the doors of the forum. Social Media has affected a lot of online forum communities due to the ease of access and readily available apps to make it easier for the user to interact with the various platforms. After closely monitoring the traffic to the website and the post count decline we feel its not viable to hold onto the size of server space needed to host the forum.

We will renew the Server fees once more which are due March 26th 2019 and will run until March 26th March 2020. This makes it fair to all that have paid joining fees for a years. However will will no longer take any new members as of today 23rd January 2019. Nothing will be restricted on the forum during the next year so access to all the boards will be as normal. Sadly our of over 465 members we had only a tiny few progressed forward and paid subscription fees so it doesn't warrant keeping the volumetric server space required.

Moving forward after March 2020

Online Presence

UK-OL’s website will remain online and a small blog will be implemented as well as a wiki style page that will house searchable technical info gathered from the forum that has been posted over the years. Our Facebook page will remain as will our twitter page, both of these have 2,000 followers combined. Our YouTube channel will also remain.

Shows & Meet up’s

UK-OL have attended the Adventure Overland show since 2013 with a fantastic turnout for the first ever show and a whopping 36 vehicles for the second show, sadly that number has dropped to a mere 4 vehicles that attended the 2018 shows. Mark Barnes & Mark Boag will still be flying the UK-OL flag at future shows and details of these will be posted on the relevant media should anyone be interested in attending with them, Mark Barnes will co-ordinate the Shows and any forum meets.

Lastly UK-Ol will continue to hold a Zello radio channel as well as its Whatsapp group which users can get involved with.

I would finally like to pay special thanks and homage to the dedicated primary forum staff who have been there for every little event, testing new platforms, watching over the forum and indeed supplying advice to those who needed it.

Special thank you roll of honour

As mention above special humble thanks to the following dedicated people

Mark Barnes (MarkB)
Mark Boag (Boageyman)
Neil Hunter (NeilH)
Padster (Mark Burnett)
Steve Homer (SMHinthewild)
Stevie Millsport
Chis Lowe
Davey Boy
Uncle Ray

Wishing Everyone safe & happy adventures

Steve, Jack & all the UKOL Team


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