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Ridgemonkey Combi Pan

Mar 012019





Designed as a Carp anglers cooking pan, these are ideally suited for the back of the overland truck too.


With the RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set, not only will you limit the weight of your kit, thanks to only having to take one pan with you, no matter how many days you’re out for, you have the flexibility to cook a different meal every day; the RidgeMonkey pan set features a four-section breakfast pan on one side, and a traditional, deep frying pan on the other.

The upper section also doubles as a lid, and the unique hinge design means that you have the option of separating the two sections, providing you with two individual pans – perfect if you’re fishing with a mate who likes a completely different breakfast to you, as you’ll have the flexibility of each cooking your own choice. The handles can be removed for easy transport and storage, this lightweight, diecast aluminium pan set is an EUIPO registered design, with a fluoropolyester non-stick coating.

Practical and versatile, the Connect Combi Pan Set is everything that’s good about the young, forward-thinking, passionate brand that is RidgeMonkey, and ensures you’ll never need to buy another set of bankside pans.

Creating products whose striking design and exceptional performance is rapidly making them bankside favourites, RidgeMonkey look more than set to make the transition from bold newcomer to angling establishment without any undue effort.

Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans
Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
Removable handles for easy storage and transportation
Upper section acts as a lid to retain heat, flavour and moisture
EUIPO registered design
Dimensions: 300mm x 255mm x 70mm (handles removed)
Dimensions: 440mm x 255mm x 70mm (handles fitted)


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