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Radio-Tone RT4 Vs Boxwood S700B

Mar 012019

A Small Review of my daily use with the Radiotone RT4 and the more expensive Boxchip S700B

The Radio-tone RT4

First Impressions, a nice solid feeling device, the unit feels more substantial than the cheaper Inrico T298S I currently owned. This radio feels like you are holding a Motorola DMR unit. The screen is very bright and responsive from the touch input. Volume is loud and crisp with minimal distortion when on higher volumes. I currently have the vehicle cradle/charger with windscreen sucker mount, this holds the unit firmly when in the vehicle. I would have loved to have the additional fist microphone to go along with it when it is sat in the cradle. Overall I am very very happy with this radio, audio reports are good, battery is good and the screen is good. This really gives you the feel of having a quality 2 way radio in your hand
I will update the blog after the unit has had more long-term testing.



The Boxchip S700B Premium Radio 

This radio is sold under 2 versions the S700A with UHF/VHF onboard and the S700B which is cellular only. The build quality for this radio is fantastic, it sports a large clear capacitive touchscreen which is very easy to read and type texts. I read a few niggles online with the S700A but I have not witnessed any of these niggles with the S700B. 
I love everything about the S700B, The audio quality is fantastic no rattles from the speaker or distortion, the battery life is fantastic even with the location services switch on to full GPS mode. The camera is as good as my smartphone with a ton of features and the picture quality is bang on. All the APP's I installed run smooth with no lagging or issues. All the functions of the GPS were tested using GPS Test+ and locking on was almost instant.
Overall a fantastic Network radio. Responsive, clear, well built, aesthetically pleasing & packed with as many features as you need. Again I will update the blog with a long-term use review



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